Details of Loan/Advance Scheme available with the Bank

The bank provides financial help/credit facilities to all three sectors viz Industries, Service & Business. Being a bank with urban area of operation there is less credit for agriculture sector. However bank does not participate in State/Central sponsored loan scheme. Mainly the loans/ advances being sanctioned by the bank are categorized as under:-

• Loan to Transport Operators (Self Driven)

  • Car Loan for indusial
  • Auto Loan for three wheelers & Tempo
  • Loader
  • Truck & Bus
  • Two wheelers

• Loan for Business Purpose

  • For Retail Traders
  • Selective Credit Control Commodity
  • Cash Credit Limit to S.S.I. Sector, Tiny Sector &

• Housing Loan

  • House Repair
  • House Construction
  • Flat Purchasing

• Personal Loan

  • House Hold Goods

• Loan/Advances for Salary Earners

• Loan against LIC Policies (on surrender value), NSC, KVP & Bank own Term Deposit (1% above the rate of interest payable on Term   Deposits up to 75% of face value and 2% above for 85% of face value).

• Education Loan

   For Professional process and for Higher Studies up to a Limit of Rs. 2.00 lacs.

N.B.: Besides the above bank considers favorably for immediate financial needs in favour of worthy account holders on the rates higher than normal rates with mutual understanding. The security other terms & conditions repayment schedule, concept of co applicant & re-structuring of advances will be effect applicable as per RBI guidelines and Bank Credit Policy. Share linking is applicable in financing from our bank as per RBI instructions it means that a borrower has to be Share Holder of the bank to purchase the shares of the bank up to the 2.5% of sanction loan amount in case of secured loan and five percent in cases of unsecured loan up to a maximum limit of 50 thousand.

The bank motto is satisfaction of our customers. We disposed the application of loans/ advances & other banking facilities within minimum time & with minimum charges. We issue D.D. for registration of all over India within 5 minutes.


Interest Rate

Loan to Transport Operators (Self Driving)


Loan for other business purpose

   » Up to Rs. 25,000/-


   » Over Rs. 25,000/- upto 2.00 lakhs


   » Over Rs. 2.00 lakhs


Advances against selective credit control Commodities.


Housing Loan

12% E.M.I.

Loan to professional & Self Employed persons

   » Up to Rs. 25,000/-


   » Over Rs. 25,000/- upto 2.00 lakhs


   » Over Rs. 2.00 lakhs upto Rs. 5.00 lakhs


   » Over Rs. 5.00 lakhs


Educational Loan

   » Up to Rs. 2.00 lakhs


Car loan to Individuals

13% EMI

Loan against Units of NSC/KVP/IVP


Loan against LIC Policies


Loan for Consumer Durables


Personal Loan


Temporary overdraft/over drawl in C/C limit (clean overdraft is not allowed in any condition)


Advance against Bank's own term deposits:-

1% above the rate of interest payable on the deposit(s) up to 75% of face value of FDR and of 2% above in 85% of Face value

Loan for Bank Staff (Employies/Officers)
Secured by deposit(s) held in the name of :-
(1) The Borrower either singly or Jointly with another or others.
(2) One of the Partners of partnership firm where the advance is made to the said firm,
(3) The Proprietor of a proprietary concern where the advance is made to the said concern and
(4) A ward,, whose guardian is competent to borrow on behalf of the ward and where the advance is made to the guardian in that capacity and for the benefit of the ward.


Penal Interest:- In the event of default / irregularities of any nature, penal interest at the rate of 5.00 % over and above the sanctioned rate should be charged.


The revised rates as above is/are applicable on Term Loans/Cash Credits Overdrafts sanctioned and/or disbursed/allowed on or after 01-10-2009. In the case of existing Term Loans, the originally contracted rate will continue to be charged. In existing Cash Credit/Overdraft accounts, which are not overdue for renewal and where interest has been serviced, the revised rate will be made applicable from 01 - 10 - 2009 and in other accounts from the date of next renewal.

N.B.: These rates may be revised from time to time as per RBI guidelines and bank's own policy.

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